Tuesday, 21 July 2015



Hey guys!! We are back again with loads of things to share with you. The best away to know about things is to explore it and experience it. As we have advanced to the phase 2 a market survey had to be done.(what is the market survey is your reaction isn’t it!!). So on 10th of July we had a market survey. We wandered through the congested and busy streets of Karur. We went through several shops and we came to know how to develop our business. To our greatest astonishment we saw several small shops along the streets where the people manufacture broomsticks made from the midrib of coconut leaves .Most of the shop owners were old and their long bony fingers gave birth to broomsticks in a creative and efficient way. So, for buying thing what is essential………..(what is it? I forgot…….. ok! now I got it!).Can you guess it ,I will give you clues, It is a ten letter word… starts with the letter ” I” Cant’ find? It is called “INVESTMENT”
which means the money put into the business. As our business idea was to sell the old newspapers collected from the students and the money pulled together would be invested for our business. We had to hunt for shops that are willing to buy our papers. As we rattled slowly in our small yellow van, an old newspaper shop fell into our eyes. In wink of an eye we were there inquiring the man about the rate of selling newspapers. (Can’t believe we have becoming more business minded but we told you this is serious.)Our aim in this business is to minimize the investment as much as it can be to create products and see them for maximum profit.

Let’s begin……

Saturday, 11 July 2015

It's the beginning!!!

Chettinad Vidya Mandir
says "Hi"

Nice to blog and share all the things we, at Chettinad Vidya Mandir are doing.We have currently taken up the School Enterprise Challenge offered by The British Council.In this competition,we do a business and earn profit.We believe that through this program we'll be able to have a sight and also work in the business world. So, yeah, we students are going to do business. But I tell you, this is "serious business" we are talking about. With much effort we have made this blog.(Excuse us if it isn't interesting. But please wait for the end)

Anyways, we have completed the "PHASE-1" successfully (yeah!!!). We had an orientation with our principal. She told us about what we are going to do in SEC and how eveyone's contribution is important for the project to be success. The discussions that followed were intense and after compiling ideas of each and every class, we came up with a "PLAN!!"

Our "master-plan" is to do some art and craft works and sell them. The money thus earned would be donated to the needy orphanages. Thus we'll be ensuring that the society and people around us are helped. we think this business would be beneficial for people around us. We have named our business, (guess what...) "CHETTINAD CRAFTS". 

So this is why this blog was created. Keep peeping in and checking out this blog. We have so much in store for you (and hope you have something to say us too!!).